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Civic Safety is a group of professionals with backgrounds and experience that support and lead the efforts of the company’s preparedness and safety efforts. They are devoted to and passionate about the need for all people, organizations and businesses to be ready in the event of natural or man-made disasters.

With extensive experience in emergency management and related areas, they are promoting a new measure of preparedness. With backgrounds working in emergency preparedness and response for government and knowing first-hand how difficult it can be for government agencies to respond quickly to all needs of all people in a disaster situation, they are urging everyone including schools, community organizations, hospitals, businesses and industry to have plans in place and be prepared to be self- sufficient not just for 72 hours, but for at least 7 days.

Government will do its best to respond to its citizens’ needs in wide spread crisis situations but they are limited to what they can do. We have all seen news reports where people and entire neighbourhoods are left on their own with no substantial help or assistance for periods of time well beyond 72 hours and these examples are not limited to just some other countries, they happen or can happen at home. Extended power failures, water contamination, transportation route disruptions and even loss of our residential dwellings are all examples of events that mean we better be prepared – for more than just 72 hours.

Whether it is assistance with providing your family, your school or your home away from home with emergency preparedness such as having on hand proper provisions in the event of a disaster, Civic Safety can help. If your business does not have an up-to-date operational plan on how to manage through a disastrous event, it is time to act. Contact Civic Safety for a free consultation and learn how they can come to your home, school or business and help you to be to face any diverse situation should it occur.


Civic Safety is committed to serving its customers in a manner that builds and maintains trust, professionalism and positive relationships. This is achieved by consistently providing excellent communication, high quality, durable products and creative solutions that meet customers’ emergency preparedness needs.

Civic Safety recognizes that this commitment comes with a high level of professional responsibility. It is important that it promotes and produces a service and product that people can rely on at all times, under the most extreme and stressful circumstances.


Ed Kroeker
Over the last 20 years, Ed has been developing his interest and skills in website development and design. His interest in online technologies has allowed him to incorporate some of the latest developments into Civic Safety’s program. He also has a history of sales expertise spanning over 25 years.

Over the last 36 years Ed has owned and operated several businesses including a cabinet manufacturing plant and a restoration contracting business. His focus with these companies has mainly been with the financial and employee management aspects.

Ed brings with him a dedicated and detail oriented approach to his development and design work as well as enthusiasm for finding solutions to complex problems.

P: (604) 230-3296

Gary Manson
Gary is President of Civic Owl Marketing Inc., and a principal of Civic Safety. Gary has spent 30 years working in both government and non-government organizations. Much of the last fifteen years he has managed corporate communications which has included a leadership role in emergency operations and emergency social service activities. Earlier in Gary’s career, he was also active in search and rescue including being President of a community team.

In addition to holding several credentials such as a Masters Degree in International Management and a Bachelors of Business Administration, Gary has completed numerous courses in emergency related programs. He has received several awards recognizing his work in communications.
Emergency preparedness and response is a real life activity for Gary as he has had firsthand experience while being responsible working in community emergency situations. His expertise in this area has been supplying information about threats to the community to a diverse group including government, community organizations, and media and of course the public in general. He is an asset to creating a strong foundation to help build Civic Safety core values and services.

P: (778) 789-3027

Rick Laing
Rick is one of British Columbia’s leaders in the Search and Rescue field having been a member and leader for the past 30 years. He has been Search and Rescue Manager and Team Manager of the Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue organization and is widely recognized for his expertise in Geospatial Integrated Systems (GIS) – a specialized area of applying statistical analysis to better understand and predict the impact of crisis situations. He has been working with others outside of Canada’s borders to customize and perfect GIS for the emergency services field.

What makes Rick’s efforts and accomplishments even more special is that he has done all of this in a volunteer capacity. He has extensive training and experience in the emergency services field and is a valuable contributor to Civic Safety.

His work in GIS has earned him much praise for the work and development he has been doing in this area including the development of an evacuation response manual that won the National Association of Police Chiefs and Fire Chiefs Motorola Emergency Preparedness Award.

Rick has been trained in many areas including Conflict Resolution, Incident Command, Emergency Evacuations, and Exercise Design, Emergency Operations Centre functions and SAR Management. He has also assisted local government with their emergency response programs having been in an acting Emergency Program Coordinator position


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