550 FireCord – 50 Ft – Fine Red Line


2 in 1 Fire Starter and Paracord. The fastest lighting fire starter we’ve ever seen, packed in a combo with everyday use 550 paracord. Make your lanyards, zipper pulls, and bracelets from this FireCord and never be without a powerful way to make fire. You could even replace your shoe laces with this, and even if you forget your kit, your still going to be able to make a fire! This is the same as previous Firecord but comes in a 50 ft. roll.

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Paracord with built in Fire Starter

What is 550 FireCord?

Imagine the harshest of conditions. You’re wet, cold, hungry and desperate. You’ve gathered all the wood you can find in the area, and scraped together what tiny bit of kindling you could. You’ve got one chance to get this fire lit. And your life depends on it. But you know your going to make it, because you have FireCord with you. Just last week you switched out your boring shoe laces for stylin’ FireCord. Now your the hero.

FireCord is 550 parachute paracord with the 8th inner strand of cord replaced with a fire tinder that ignites with ease, burns very hot, has a long burn time and is waterproof. FireCord brings you the ability to make fire in any emergency situation regardless of weather conditions around you.

When you need to make a fire, simply remove the inner fire starter strand from your FireCord, rough up the fibers of the strand to make it fuzzy, light the strand with any available starter and place the strand near your kindling. After the inner fire starter strand is used, the paracord can still be utilized as before -‐ for lanyards, key chains, zipper pulls or emergency lashing.

550 parachute cord or “paracord” has been the standard go to for most cordage needs as it has a multitude of applications. From zipper pulls and handles to key chains, bracelets and lanyards to the most basic use – lashing. Wherever you’ve used paracord before – in emergency kits, bug out bags, etc – now you can replace that standard paracord with dual use FireCord, so your ability to light a fire and save your life does not add any further weight to your preps. Plus, by replacing a zipper pull on each of your jackets, you’ve now got fire starter on you regardless of whether your prep kit is near or not.

How to use 550 FireCord: