6 Month Bucket Set


Stock up – over 363,000 healthy calories in one quick and easy package. 2000+ calories per day. Includes over 30 breakfast, lunch and supper options so you can rotate your entree meals and never get tired of eating the same thing. And to keep you healthy along the way – several varieties of freeze dried fruit and veggies.

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6 Month Bucket Set

Prepare yourself for the unknown with our 6 month food supply for 1 person. This supply includes the essential food you’ll need in times of uncertainty or disaster. With over 2000 Calories per day, you can be sure to have the energy you need in those hard moments. We have also added a wide variety to this package – fruits, vegetables, basics – so you don’t get tired of eating the same thing everyday!

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This package is for 6 months for 1 person, to add more people, simply increase the quantity ordered.

What’s included?

Calorie and Serving breakdown:

ItemQuantityCalories Servings
Chef's Banquet ARK2104,460670
Breakfast Granola Bucket124,320128
Chef's Banquet ARK 390160,450390
Chef's Banquet Pasta Bucket137,800270
NutriStore 30 day bucket1124,100400
Chef's Banquet Fruit Bucket16,090300
Chef's Banquet Veggie Bucket16,360320
Calories per day2,020
Cost per calorie$0.0054