Fruit & Veggie 6 Pack – Nutristore


240 servings of full flavor fruits and vegetables from Nutristore. Fill in the holes in your pantry and never be left without great resources for snacks or meals.

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The 240 Serving Nutristore™ Fruit and Vegetable Combo 6 Pack is an ideal addition to your pantry and food storage supply! An excellent combination of the finest freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, this kit is designed to give you tasty food full of nutrition that you can use in any situation. All freeze-dried items have a 25 year shelf life and can be easily reconstituted to their original taste, texture and form in only minutes.

Whether you are looking to enhance your homemade cooking or have great snacks on hand for the kids, these high quality foods deliver maximum flavor and nutritional value with no preparation time and no waste.

What’s so awesome about this combo pack?

Quick reconstitution
25 year sealed shelf life
6 months to 1 year opened shelf life for freeze-dried items
Just picked fresh taste available year round
No refrigeration, no peeling, no dicing, no preparation time and zero waste
240 total servings of delicious fruits and vegetables
6 Different freeze dried items
Safely contained in easy-carry, easy-storage 3.7 L (1 gallon) size food grade cans

This Fruit and Veggie Combo 6 Pack contains the following 6 cans:

1 x Freeze-dried Strawberry
1 x Freeze-dried Pineapple
1 x Freeze-dried Raspberry
1 x Freeze-dried Corn
1 x Freeze-dried Peas
1 x Freeze-dried Potatoes

Preparation Instructions:

Strawberry: Soak 1 cup Nutristore™ Strawberries in 3/4 cup water until tender (1-3 minutes); drain off extra water.
Pineapple: Soak 1 cup Nutristore™ Pineapple in 1 cup water until tender (3-5 minutes); drain off extra water.
Raspberry: Soak 1 cup Nutristore™ Raspberries in 4 cups hot water until tender (3-5 minutes); drain off extra water. Soak 3 minutes longer if using cold water.
Corn: Soak 227.3 ml (1 cup) Nutristore™ corn in 227.3 ml (1 cup) water until tender (15-20 minutes); drain off extra water
Peas: Soak 1 cup Nutristore™ Peas in 1 cup water until tender (5-10 minutes); drain off extra water.
Potatoes: Soak 227.3 ml (1 cup) Nutristore™ potato dices in 909.2 ml (4 cups) hot water until tender (3-5 minutes); drain off extra water. Soak 3 minutes longer if using cold water

How to store this combo pack for Optimal Shelf Life:

To reach the maximum shelf life, your Nutristore™ products should be stored in an environment with temperatures ranging between 12.7° C to 21.1° C (55°-70° F). Ideal storing conditions are in a cool, dark, dry environment where the product will be protected from moisture, oxygen and sunlight. Excellent storing locations are in (but not limited to) closets, under beds and in basements. All stated shelf life is based on proper storage of your Nutristore™ products.

Storing your Nutristore™ products in a location with extreme temperatures, high humidity or an area where oxygen, sunlight and/or moisture may contact your product, will decrease the shelf life. After opening a can to consume, you should continue to store the product in optimal conditions with the white plastic lid secured. Limit the amount of time you allow your Nutristore™ foods to be exposed to air and light, doing so will help maximize the opened can shelf life.

Protect Your Investment:

Taking proper care of your food storage will help ensure you have great tasting, nutritious foods when a disaster or time of emergency strikes. Nutristore™ foods are designed for long-term storage. By following proper storage guidelines, you can have the assurance that your food storage will keep its delicious taste and high quality for many years to come.