Premium 1 Month Food Supply


Premium 1 Month Food Supply for 1 person. With over 2300 calories per day in a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, entrees and basics, you pay less than 1/2 a cent per calorie and get a food supply you’ll actually want to use. This is real food for real people.

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Premium 1 Month Food Supply

Prepare yourself for the unknown with our Premium 1 month food supply. This supply includes the essential food you’ll need in times of uncertainty or disaster. With over 2300 Calories per day, you can be sure to have the energy you need in those hard moments.

If you’d like to customize this package, give us a call.

Save 5% off the price of buying items individually.

This package is for 1 month for 1 person, to add more people, simply increase the quantity ordered.

What’s included?

Calorie and Serving breakdown:

ItemQuantityCalories Servings
Datrex Ration Bars310,80027
Chef's Banquet ARK152,230335
Nutristore Fruit/Veggie 6 Pack18800240
Calories per day2,394
Cost per calorie$0.005