Premium 6 Month Food Supply


Premium 6 Month Food Supply for 1 person. 2340 calories per day in a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, entrees and basics, you pay less than a cent per calorie and get a food supply you’ll actually want to use. This is real food for real people.

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Premium 6 Month Food Supply

Prepare for the unknown with our Premium 6 month food supply for 1 person. This supply includes the essential food you’ll need in times of uncertainty or disaster. With over 2340 Calories per day, you can be sure to have the energy you need in those hard moments.

Why is this package Premium?
Because it’s made up of a very wide variety of ready to go entrees, freeze dried fruits and vegetables and other flavor adding sides like honey, spices, and salt. Others will sell you a 6 months worth of food and after a few days you will be sick of eating the same meal out of the same pouch for the tenth time. With our package, you can mix and match ingredients to create variety within your meals, keeping you happier and your energy level higher the whole time through. The Briden team carefully researched and put together this package by hand, bringing together the best in the industry so that you can truly actually survive off this package if need be.

Save 5% off the price of buying items individually.

This package is for 6 months for 1 person, to add more people, simply increase the quantity ordered.

What’s included?

Calorie and Serving breakdown:

ItemQuantityCalories Servings
Datrex Ration Bars310,80027
Chef's Banquet ARK2104,460670
Breakfast Granola Bucket248,6408800256
White Rice #10 Can645,120282
Elbow Macaroni #10 Can632,760156
Instant Rotini Pasta #10 Can617,16078
6 Gallon Wheat Bucket171,050100
Nutristore Protein Pack121,780288
Nutristore Veggie 6 Pack19,200240
Nutristore Fruit 6 Pack16,600240
Fruit Bucket16,090300
Veggie Bucket13,360320
15 lb Honey341,340--
Real Salt - 10 lb Pail1----
Calories per day2,341
Cost per calorie$0.0066