Protein 6 Pack – Nutristore


A solid addition to your food storage, packing a punch of protein and essential calories. Endless snack and meal possibilities.

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This Nutristore™ Protein Pack provides you with endless snack and meal options to obtain essential nutrients. The creamy peanut butter provides a quick snack full of calories and nutrients in any situation, and the variety of beans offers you a necessary staple to endless meal options. This variety pack is versatile and will give your food storage the boost it needs, loaded with protein and other nutrients designed to give you strength and energy no matter the circumstance.

• Creamy peanut butter, and an assortment of beans

• Endless snack and meal options

• Variety of ways to obtain essential protein and nutrients

This kit contains the following cans:

2 – Black Beans
2 – Peanut Butter
2 – Pinto Beans