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Puravai Emergency Drinking Water - Case of 6

Puravai Emergency Drinking Water - Case of 6
Puravai Emergency Drinking Water - Case of 6
Puravai Emergency Drinking Water - Case of 6
Puravai Emergency Drinking Water - Case of 6
Puravai Emergency Drinking Water - Case of 6
Puravai Emergency Drinking Water - Case of 6

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Puravai Emergency Drinking Water - Case of 6

Model Number: BR-1-1002
PURAVAI is the purest prepackaged storage water in the emergency preparedness market
• Up to 20 year shelf life
• 100% certified bacteria free
• Triple sealed bottles - induction seal, click tight lid, and shrink wrap over lid
• Puncture Resistant BPA Free High density HDPE bottles
• No bottle seams - water can't get out, and bacteria can't get in
• Waterproof and floats
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PURAVAI is the purest prepackaged storage water in the emergency preparedness market. When it comes to emergency water, even a little bacteria can multiply over time and become millions of bacteria. It's called CFUs (or Colony Forming Units of Bacteria). Where the competition can't measure up, Puravai water tests at ZERO CFUs each time.

Puravai's proprietary processes have even allowed Puravai to pass all the requirements needed for Class II medical water. Not only is Puravai the best emergency drinking water, but it can also be used in emergencies to safely wash wounds and much more, even decades later.

Built to Last for Decades!

No other packaged emergency storage can compare to Puravai. Aluminum cans can leak over time, steel cans can rust, and other packaging can puncture, tear, or crush, but our thick BPA Free HDPE bottles are built to last for decades. Here are a few highlights:

• NO Seams: We use induction coils to melt a plastic seal on top of the bottle so there are absolutely no seams, and no seams means water can't get out and bacteria can't get in until you open the bottle, even decades later.

• Triple Sealed: Our bottles have 3 levels of protection, an induction seal, a click tight lid, and a shrink wrapping over the lid to make sure your water hasn't been tampered with. We work to adhere to the high standards the government and military would expect.

• High Density Bottles: Our bottles are super thick!! They're built for the unpredictability of emergency situations. You can drop, scrape, or bump them, and your water stays protected.

• Floats: Even filled to the brim, our bottles are made to float in any water. You never have to worry about floods or dropping your water off the side of a boat.

• No Rotting/Rusting: Because we use high density HDPE bottles, you don't have to worry about mildew, mold, or rust forming and ruining your water supply.

• Waterproof: Because our bottle don't rust, your water is protected against something as simple as broken pipes or even humidity in the air.

• Reusable: Puravai is made of the same material as U.S. military canteens and we added a lid that can be screwed on and off. So, you can drink portions of your water and close up the bottle throughout the day as well as refill your bottle again and again if needed.

• 100% Recyclable: Our HDPE #2 bottles are able to be recycled completely. Instead of overwhelming landfills, our bottles can get repurposed continuously.

What is the shelf life of Puravai Emergency Drinking Water?

Because both the FDA and the USDA currently don't regulate long-term shelf life claims, several companies in our industry are making claims they just can't keep up to. The fact is that if your water is bacteria free and the packaging on the outside can endure the stresses of time, your water can't go bad.

Just look at the water packaged in soldered tin (not steel) cans that were dipped in enamel during World War II. Because the water was pressure cooked in the can (killing all the bacteria), and the can was seamless (not allowing bacteria to get back into the water), the water is still bacteria free and good to drink even 50-70 years later.

Because we are bacteria free and our bottles don't allow for bacteria to re-enter the water while in storage, we offer a 20-year guarantee that your Puravai water will remain pure and secure. We're also most likely the ONLY emergency water in the industry to actually pass an accelerated 20-year study where our bottled water was subjected to high levels of stress and came out strong. Each bottle is date and time stamped to help you keep track of when you bought it.

Why do you use HDPE bottles rather than other packaging alternatives?


Thick HDPE bottles don't tear apart like pouches, or bend like cans, or crush and leak like boxes do, rather HDPE bottles can expand and contract with heat and cold, don't degrade easily at all, and can be stored for 100+ years without falling apart. Yet, after the product inside is consumed, HDPE can be recycled over and over and over.


This isn’t weakling packaging! It’s thick and sturdy and because of that you can preserve your water from the Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) which occurs with store-bought bottled water or even aluminum pop cans where the seals can go bad from a little bumping or bending. If you leave store-bought bottled water on a shelf long-enough, for example, the water vaporizes through the pores of the bottle or the lid, and your water supply gets lower and lower. And, with pop cans, it doesn’t help that the carbon-dioxide or the nitrogen gas creates pressure from the inside out, causing the water to evaporate over time through bent seams or small holes that may form in the thin, unstable pop-tops.

FDA Approved

HDPE is actually one of the safest plastics and is FDA approved for potable water. Because of its high density nature, you don’t have the plastic chemicals leaching into the water like you would from a cheap plastic. That’s why HDPE is used for long-term water-storage tanks, such as those 55-gallon storage drums we’re familiar with.

Doesn’t Rust

This almost goes without saying, but if you leave a steel can of water out long enough it can rust from from the outside in and from the inside out. All it takes is for water to work itself into the seams of a metal can over time, and eventually the water seeps out.

Less Weak Points

The more seams, the more weak points, and the more chances of your water escaping over time or becoming contaminated. For example… A metal can has seams at the bottom (a very bad place for a seam!) and on the top. An aluminum pop can has seams around the top edge and a thin, weak, breakable indentation where it pops open. But, thick HDPE plastic bottles are seamless. There is only a hole at the top that is sealed by induction and then a tight lid keeps it all in place for decades without the unnecessary worry that water will eventually “seap” out of broken seams or weak points, like you find with pop cans.

Aluminum Free

There is a lot of debate on the internet about how unsafe aluminum may be in deodorant, cooking utensils, and even soda cans. Some people claim that Alzheimer's may even be linked to all the aluminum we are exposed to these days.

Water Proof

Because of the thickness and the density of the HDPE (“High-Density” Polyethylene), water doesn’t get out and water doesn’t get in!! Try soaking a can in water over time (especially salt water), and see what happens (not a good thing!). Being water proof means that your emergency water is protected from the corroding effects of basement flooding or even something as simple as humidity in the air.

BPA Free

Yes, importantly, it’s BPA Free.

No Denting

When we were considering how to package Puravai, we met with some of the biggest and best packaging manufacturers in the world. We learned that in order to keep our water safe, we needed a container that could be dropped or put in an emergency kit and not be compromised. We considered cans, but we were told that the seams on cans can easily bend which would cause rusting in metal cans and evaporation from aluminum cans. Because emergency situations are so unpredictable, we understood that one small dent on the seam and your water can be ruined for life (which is bad if you plan on staying alive in an emergency situation). Dents aren’t an issue with sturdy HDPE bottles like Puravai uses.

Doesn’t Tear

Thick HDPE plastic doesn’t tear, so it is safer to put in a 72-hour kit or let it roll around in a trunk or anything else. These bottles are tough!

Reusable in Emergency Situations

A very beautiful thing about our HDPE bottles is that each comes with a reusable cap. That means in an emergency, Puravai bottles can be used again and again, drinking from the bottles and then refilling them where needed, like a canteen. In fact, we make our bottles from the same materials the U.S. military uses to make their canteens. This makes Puravai very unique in the prepackaged emergency water market.


HDPE plastics are one of the most recycled plastics in the world and can be used and reused again. Did you know that even your store-bought gallons of milk are made from HDPE?

It Can Float!

This is a big plus for emergency water, because you precious water supply is protected against flooding, rivers, lakes, or oceans. Emergency water that floats means an extra level of security in a variety of emergency situations and a great backup water supply for the U.S. Coast Guard and the Navy as they travel in the open waters.